Getting the web world straight

In getting started with your new website, this page outlines all the expenses and considerations. You may wish to visit these reference pages:

Multibeat vs Link Web

Multibeat Communications in Toronto, Ontario uses and promotes Link Web Hosting in Barrie, Ontario as an excellent and affordable web host. Multibeat and Link Web are two separate entities and should not be confused:

  • Multibeat creates, deploys and updates your site
  • Link Web hosts your site and maintains the server where your site lives

To put it in financial terms:

  • you pay Multibeat to make and update the site
  • you pay Link Web to host the site

Arm's length web hosting

The term "arm's length" usually infers that two parties are on an equal, independent standing. However, here, it also means that our two independent companies are also able to pick up the phone and talk to each other within 24 hours, rather than fighting through bureaucratic ticket systems, etc.

Link Web is top notch web hosting that won't break the bank!

100% Canadian owned and operated, servers reside in an armed bunker in the United States. Link Web's web hosting solutions provide you with complete administrative control of your own website!

Once your domain name has been registered, we'll help you find the suitable web hosting package for your needs.

Totally confused? Email us!

Interested in one of these reasonable packages?

Send Link Web Hosting a payment to begin web hosting!

(Custom packages can be arranged and negotiated, but Link Web's two main packages depend upon whether you need a secure, encrypted SSL server.)

Package #1: Chimp

  • Disk Storage: 1 GB
  • File Transfer: 10 GB/month
  • Email Accounts: up to 5 accounts
  • MySQL Database: available!
  • Secure Server (SSL): not available
  • Per Month: annual only
  • Per Year: $200.00/year

Package #2: Champ

  • Disk Storage: 100 GB
  • File Transfer: 100 GB/month
  • Email Accounts: 5-50 accounts
  • MySQL Database: available!
  • Secure Server (SSL): available!
  • Per Month: $49.95/month
  • Per Year: 2 months FREE! $499.50/year

Standard features on all accounts:

  • No setup fees!
  • Set up within 72 hours of receipt of payment.
  • On-call technical support.
  • 99% website uptime guarantee.
  • Additional bandwidth: $4.00 per GB per month.
  • Technical support with your domain name registration.
  • DNS nameserving via (2) reliable nameservers.
  • CGI, PHP, Perl script functionality.
  • Hit counter and logging.
  • Website security.
  • FTP access.

Email features on all accounts:

  • Custom email address based on domain name.
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP functionality.
  • Check email remotely with webmail system.
  • Auto-responders.
  • Catch-all address(es).
  • Domain-forwarding.
  • Forwarding accounts.
  • Anti-spam and email defense.
  • Additional email accounts: $20.00/year/account

Web Hosting Payment Details

Note: please include 5% GST in addition to your total payable!

All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD). For foreign currency, we recommend this excellent currency converter.

Please email Link Web Hosting for methods of payment!

Please do not contact Multibeat regarding web hosting technical or billing issues! Multibeat can advise on the appropriate Link Web package for your needs, but once your hosting begins, Link Web will guide you through all technical and billing issues. All web hosting payments must be processed by Link Web, not by Multibeat. (All matters concerning your actual website and its deployment will be dealt with by Multibeat.)


If you wish to renew an existing account and have an amount payable to Link Web, please email the renewals department.

Let's get started!

The basic steps to having a website are:

  1. register a domain name
  2. decide what the scope of your website is
  3. choose your web hosting to address that scope
  4. develop the website
  5. launch the website
  6. promote the website
  7. maintain the website

Register a domain name

Do you need to register your domain name?
ie. (http://www.yourdomainname.com)

Multibeat and Link Web encourage customers to register their own domain names through Canadian registrar DomainsAtCost.ca where it is roughly $14/year.

It is advisable to register your domain name before setting up the hosting of your website. If for some reason you wish to begin your web hosting without purchasing a domain name first, that is also possible. When you do later obtain your domain name, it is a quick procedure to attach your web site to the new domain name.

Link Web Hosting does not require that you change your registrar or move your domain name, if you are with another registrar that you like.

If you have a domain name in mind but do not wish to register it yourself, Link Web can register your domain name for you, and bill you annually for the cost, but the domain name will remain in their administrative control (and likely be more expensive).

Decide what the scope of your website is

Some questions that the project may raise:

  • do I need a basic calling card website?
  • do I need to change my website content myself?
  • do I have an outgoing mailing list or newsletter?
  • do I need to manage a blog, forum, or comments on postings?
  • will I need a server database?
  • will I be selling articles or data from the site?
  • do I need an online store?
  • do I need a secure, encrypted connection?
  • will I be doing my own technical support and programming?

The cost of getting online:

Often requested, here is a breakdown of the reasonable costs involved in the creation and maintenance of a professional website with the Multibeat/Link Web/DomainsAtCost combo:

  • Domain name registration (DomainsAtCost) = $14.00/year
  • Web Hosting "Chimp" (Link Web) = $200.00/year
  • 2-page (HTML or Flash/XML) site (Multibeat) = $400.00 (one-time cost)
  • 4-page (HTML or Flash/XML) site (Multibeat) = $800.00 (one-time cost)
  • Multi-page (CMS/Drupal/WordPress) site (Multibeat) = $1400.00 (one-time)

First year total budget as low as: $614.00 CAD

Annual costs thereafter:

  • Domain name registration (DomainsAtCost) = $14.00/year
  • Web Hosting "Chimp" (Link Web) = $200.00/year

Incidental maintenance: (optional)

  • Minor site update (Multibeat) = $100.00 (an hour or two tinkering)
  • Major site update (Multibeat) = $300.00 (a full day tinkering)