Services Agreement, Terms and Conditions

Maintaining a Terms and Conditions page with lengthy legalese isn't fun for anyone. Unless expressly altered by an existing contract, most of the usual legal stuff applies.

For Link Web Hosting's Service Agreement, please visit their website. Most of the serious terms and conditions apply specifically to hosting, and not to site development and maintenance; the latter are the focus of this Multibeat website.

This page does not deal with web hosting legalities, nor any other legalities having to do with Link Web Hosting.

The following are a few casual points about the legal approach, liability, etc. "Linkweb" means "Link Web Hosting, Barrie, Ontario" and Multibeat" means "Multibeat Music, Toronto, Ontario".

Linkweb is a separate business entity from Multibeat. Though Multibeat promotes Linkweb services, it is held in complete and utter indemnity from all issues regarding Linkweb. Likewise, is Linkweb held in complete and utter indemnity from all issues regarding Multibeat.

The nuts and bolts

Working together fairly we can reach a reasonable compromise on any issue.

Repeat customers, and repeat partners, come from a fun, satisfactory, enriching working experience.

All fees paid to Multibeat are non-refundable and non-transferable.

During Multibeat site-building endeavours, or any creative endeavour where "go-backs" are possible, there are two allowable rounds of fixes/changes after which an additional daily labour rate will be charged.

Multibeat demands an advance payment of 50% on all projects; the remaining 50% to be paid on the date of delivery. 30 days after this date, a fee of 5% interest, compounded monthly will be charged on remaining balances. All figures quoted and invoiced are in CAD. All payments to Multibeat should be made out to the registered Ontario business "MULTIBEAT MUSIC".