Multibeat Music in Toronto, Ontario, Canada provides music and audio services:  Custom Music Composition, Audio Mastering for CD and Vinyl, Music Production and Engineering on a project basis, leading-edge Sound Editing and Sound Design for giant screen, IMAX, features, documentaries, Music and Sound Design for the internet and iPhone, Voiceovers and Narration, Music Editing and a whole host of Audio Postproduction and Music Services.NewsCurrent ProjectsProject ArchiveAwardsMusic MasteringAudio Postproduction & Sound EditingVoice TalentCreative Music ServicesAdditional ServicesAudio TherapyThe StudioShow ReelResumeRatesContactLinksEmail


Multibeat Music - Services - Audio Formats

Audio file conversions, batch conversions, sampler instrument/patch conversion, file management, audio file mastering - these are all miscellaneous tasks that Multibeat takes care of for you.


Multibeat Music - Services - Audio Transcription

With a long history of audio logging and transcription for IMAX film productions, choose Multibeat for your next project where you need hard copy. English is the only fluent language but French and German can be roughly translated. All details of the soundscape can be rigorously described in the log. Conversions of field/location sound reports into text files or databases.


Multibeat Music - Services - Databases

Multibeat has had a long history with FileMaker Pro and also with MySQL web databases. Custom solutions can be tailored to your needs, whether for audio post organization, administration, or otherwise.


Multibeat Communications - Web and Print Design, Programming, Hosting Solutions

This department of Multibeat is almost completely dormant. All details can be gleaned from the retired Multibeat Communications site. Hosting solutions are robust and affordable, with few limits/restrictions. Your best bet is to let Multibeat set you on your path with an initial site, and then go from there.




Multibeat Music is a registered Ontario business.

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