Multibeat Music in Toronto, Ontario, Canada provides music and audio services:  Custom Music Composition, Audio Mastering for CD and Vinyl, Music Production and Engineering on a project basis, leading-edge Sound Editing and Sound Design for giant screen, IMAX, features, documentaries, Music and Sound Design for the internet and iPhone, Voiceovers and Narration, Music Editing and a whole host of Audio Postproduction and Music Services.NewsCurrent ProjectsProject ArchiveAwardsMusic MasteringAudio Postproduction & Sound EditingVoice TalentCreative Music ServicesAdditional ServicesAudio TherapyThe StudioShow ReelResumeRatesContactLinksEmail


Upcoming Projects

Looking ahead/tentative:

  • Sound design on IMAX film about a place where lemurs live [title TBA]
  • Sound design on IMAX film about a popular hot-spot in the Middle East [title TBA]
  • Music production for Brian West
  • Album mastering for Schema Factor
  • Song remix for Johnny Hollow
  • Upcoming shows playing electric guitar with Double Eyelid


Current Projects

Currently involved in:


Recently Completed Projects

Fresh off the stove:


Other recent activity:


Continuing Projects

Ongoing pursuits:

  • Multibeat Therapy: development of new experimental forms of audio therapy
  • Karl Mohr voiceover talent
  • Research: sound design techniques/programming for videogames
  • Learning performance techniques on the Haken Continuum fingerboard
  • Conversions of Casio FZ-1, AKAI and EMU libraries to Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 format
  • Multibeat "Woozy Ghetto" signature sound library in Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 format
  • Dead Red Velvet new album writing/recording
  • Dead Red Velvet "Full Moon Film" promotion to radio and press
  • Multibeat Records Secret CD giveaway program
  • Performing on electric guitar for Double Eyelid


Shelved pursuits:

  • Spannhaken and Dead Red Velvet live performances are contingent on sufficient remuneration.


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