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Multibeat Music - Music Mastering

Take your music to the world with confidence!

Your mixes will consistently shine and impress with pro-quality mastering to exacting industry standards.

If you have music, I can tweak it. And it can always be more perfect - the painful truth. I feel the pain so you don't have to.

  • Mastering music and audio for CD, vinyl, film/video, broadcast, internet.
  • Experience with all genres of music.
  • Accredited audio professional.
  • $100/song basic rate
  • $600/album bulk rate - special.
  • Other bulk discounts are available.
  • Free evaluation of your songs beforehand - important for quoting.
  • Samples during the process.
  • I work closely with the artist throughout.


Contact Me

Please contact me via email first and we'll set up a listening session!


Music Mastering - How It Works

Bring your music in for a free evaluation, we'll look at how it sounds and what it might need to go to final. I take a 50% deposit up front. As the mastering work unfolds, you will get samples to evaluate on your own. When everyone involved has agreed that it is a gorgeous, mastered product, files are delivered to the manufacturer and/or a pre-master CD-R is generated. I take final 50% payment on delivery of the master.

I realize that mastering is a painful, but necessary, cost to the artist - and I spend countless hours tweaking, monitoring, checking (including field trips) to make sure your record sounds great.

I specialize in the warm, organic and "analog"-sounding treatment of electronic and digital productions. People tell me my mastering kicks ass - just sayin'. :) I master all genres of music and multimedia - in many formats.

I have the technical knowledge about frequency/amplitude relationships that gives us the edge.


Music Mastering - Before/After Examples

HTML5 music player coming soon.


Multibeat Music - Mastering Credits

Some clients that Multibeat has mastered over the years:

  • Hawksley Workman
  • Ruth Cassie
  • Sarah Jerrom
  • Cryptomnesia
  • Laugh Out Loud
  • Best Friends With Wolves Club
  • Konsorten
  • Vialka
  • Releveler - vinyl & CD
  • Theatre Ov Idiots
  • Minefield - vinyl & CD
  • Blue Mars
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Ingrown
  • Soviet Radio
  • Synthetic Dream Foundation
  • Spectre VII
  • Soy Futura
  • Drums and Machines - CD & film sound
  • Misty Pratt
  • Gunz & Burnz
  • Ephemeral Green
  • Rachel Thomas Smith
  • Landscape Body Machine
  • Me Boss Inc. (hypnosis CD)
  • Ray Mulry (relaxation therapy CD)
  • Brian West
  • Dead Red Velvet
  • Blue Visions
  • Droid Charge
  • Karl Mohr




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