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Voice Talent - Vocalizations of Karl Mohr

Currently under heavy promotion are my voiceover/vocalist services.

Please visit his profiles on the following recommended portals. Demos of many flavours coming soon to this page!


Voice Talent - Growing the Multibeat Roster

Multibeat Music has worked with much voice talent in various situations; here is the pile-up roster of non-union voices, with demos and more information coming soon:

  • Reagan Armitage
  • Louise Bak
  • Ruth Cassie
  • Maria Cockburn
  • Simon Craig
  • Elliott Devine
  • Anthony Haley
  • Brian Johnson
  • Mike Lummis
  • Heno McNamee
  • Veronica McNamee
  • Karl Mohr
  • Jazmine Morningstar
  • Risha Nanda
  • Diana Peiges
  • Amanda Penner
  • Lynne Rafter
  • Ian Revell
  • Eric Reid
  • Stephen Skratt
  • Janine Thériault
  • Janine White


Voice Talent - Working with Multibeat

Audition a wide range of interesting voices - non-union amateurs with fascinating voices/characters. Multibeat has the directorial skills necessary to get the performance you're looking for.

Editing can begin the moment the voice record is finished - you get edits and mixes the same day, or even the same hour, as the voice record.

Add to this our reasonable rates and you can see why Multibeat Music is a great source-point for voice talent through to delivery.


Credit List

Read the Multibeat credit list with projects spanning the last nineteen years.




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